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I know it is early but....

am I the only one who is poking out in the belly area?  I have been going from bloat to no bloat for a week or so but today I have a hard little belly poking out.  I showed it to DH and he says....yep you def have something brewing there.  I'm kind of afraid there might be more than one in there. lol  I'm not gaining weight just belly.  Anyone else?

Re: I know it is early but....

  • Um, yeah. I cant button up my pants right now, and they are barely zipping up too! I think I will have to make a trip to Target tomorrow. The belly is definitely out there, lol
  • I was just telling DH that my work pants are already so uncomfortable on my belly and that I need to make a Target Maternity run very soon!
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  • Great I'm not the only one.  I had to unbutton my pants in church during Easter mass because they were cutting me in half.  I did order the bella band thing from Target online last night.  I may really need it by this weekend.
  • I love Target!  I am going to have to go soon as well.  Don't know if you ladies like Old Navy but they have some really cute stuff there as well.
  • I totally forgot about Old Navy! Maybe I will go there too ;-)
  • the VS foldover yoga capris are freaking awesome. You can roll them down now and when you get bigger roll them up...and they 'regular pants' so you feel good about yourself :0)
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  • no I'm the same way I'm not even 6 weeks yet and I feel huge. with  my first I didn't start wearing anything maternity until I was 4 months and now i know I'm not going to make it another three weeks. 
  • I'm only 4 weeks + some change but I'm sooo bloated!

    I keep trying to suck it in and it's just not working lol!  I have a feeling I'm having twins though because I took Clomid and got a super early BFP that got REALLY dark REALLY fast!  I'm excited to find out :) 

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  • Yep. I think I may be moving into my maternity pants sooner than I thought!
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  • you guys are freaking me out!  I'm bloated, but I'm not ready for maternity clothes!!! :)
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  • I'm just fat.
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  • I am super bloated too, especially right after lunch and dinner. The only that helps is exercise. Seems to get everything moving around in there!
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  • imagechornback79:
    you guys are freaking me out!  I'm bloated, but I'm not ready for maternity clothes!!! :)

    Remember it changes between the 1st and 2nd, you show earlier with the 2nd then you will with the first. But i know the unbutton the pants in hte afternoon!!

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  • Good, I thought I was being ridiculous... It's not that I've gained weight or even that my belly is that much bigger- it's just that it feels super hard, and I hate anything being tight against it. Thankfully I work from home, so I've just been staying in sweat pants and yoga pants... but when I go anywhere I can't stand to sit down in regular jeans. 
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  • MCH77MCH77 member

    Yesterday I stoped at Old Navy and picked up one pair of pants for work (just a size larger) and two pairs of comfy pants (which I think I will be able to where for awhile). 

    I can't get over the bloat.  I feel huge.


    BTW:  My Old Navy was having a super sale, 50% off sales.

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