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S/O CD and Clothing

Anyone use the onesie extenders?  S is starting to show some major chest action in her 12 month clothes b/c of her CD booty.  I hate to go to 18 month clothes since they are really much too big but not sure if the onesie extender snaps work well.

Re: S/O CD and Clothing

  • I've looked at them and really wanted to buy some but DD is still in her 3-6 onesies so it's not come up yet.  Although she's tall as all get out so maybe I'm dressing her in too small clothing...hmmm...
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  • I had some and they didn't work on a single one of our onesies (and we have a large range of them!)


    I found America Apparel karate pants to be THE best pants for CD babies. They are on Amazon (and in AA stores) and just cut perfectly for them.

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  • I have some that I used with DS an plan to use with DD if I need to.  They are hard to snap on but not impossible.
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