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He's refusing his bottle!

So I thought I was well on my way to breaking DS's reverse cycling until Thursday night when I went out and left DH with specific instructions about bottles and solids. 

I came home to find DS asleep on the floor in a non-nighttime diaper, and not having had a single bottle or solid!  

Ever since then DS has been completely refusing his bottle.  He just pushes it out with his tongue.  He is using the fastest nipple so I can't go up anymore.  Last night he downed 6 oz of solids- I offered them just to get some calories in him and I was worried he was on his way to dehydration.  

 DH said A woke up during the night and would have a sip here and there but nothing to really count as a meal.  

Any suggestions?

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Re: He's refusing his bottle!

  • sippy cup?

    is he teething?  dose of motrin before you offer the bottle again?

    you can give him water or formula with a syringe to make sure he stays hydrated.

    keep me posted!

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  • He hasn't shown any "signs" of teething like rubbing his face/ears or crying a lot but we'll try the motrin before bottle as soon as he wakes up just in case.  If he's still refusing then I'll use a syringe while DH goes out to buy a sippy cup.


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  • eeeek--i would call the pedi.

    my dd was doing this fake sucking thing for a day or two before I thought she might have an ear infection & the sucking was hurting her so she just started pretending to suck.  i was right--double ear infection in fact & she stopped doing the weird sucking thing after 48 hours on amoxycillan.

    good luck! 

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