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I don't like my Ergo :(

No particular reason, other than the fact that it's just not right for my body type. Anyone have a Beco and an Ergo and like the Beco better? The straps (in front carry) drive me INSANE in the Ergo (they rub my arms), plus, they are so bulky. I'm going to attempt to resell my Ergo (its in EUC, I've had it a month)...

Does it work better on back carry? DD isn't a fan yet... 

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Re: I don't like my Ergo :(

  • I'm not a buckle wearer so I can't tell you how they fit differently, but I know some people love other buckle carriers but hate the ergo and vice versa.  I'd definitely sell and try something else!
  • I have had both, I can definitely understand what you mean!

    In my case, the Beco didn't sit right on my body type, but the Ergo was a perfect fit! 

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  • NNNooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not hearing this ::plugs fingers in ears:: lalalalala

    I'm waiting on my babysteals ergo.

    - Jena
  • I have both.These are my feelings.

    Ergo - incredibly comfortable. Hate the big bulky straps.

    Beco - not as comfortable. Much better straps.


  • Well, you will probably get the same resale value in a few months as now, so maybe you could wait until you can try a back carry before you sell it. I never used mine for front carries regularly, since I had a BabyHawk when DS was younger. I occasionally put him in there when he's overtired, and it is not as comfy on the front as the BH was. However, we use it every day with a back carry, and it's great. I agree that the straps are bulky, but it prevents shoulder and back pain which is crucial for me.
  • See, I have fibromyalgia, which makes the shoulder straps hurt REALLY bad on some days. Other days, it doesn't hurt my shoulders at all (gotta love Fibro). It DOES work well in a back-carry, as I managed to carry her in it once when she was napping. Thanks ladies, at least I know I'm not alone. I think I will keep it a few more months and see how things go.

    I NEED to make it to a BWing group meeting and see if anyone has a Beco to try. The closest place that sells them is 3ish hours away.

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  • Sell it on ebay. I actually sold one for a friend (EUC) and made her $5 more than she paid for it!!! (She bought it on a special online and paid $89 for it)


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  • I would sell it. I hated the Ergo, and couldn't do back carries with most SSCs (but I can toss with a MT). I tried ALL of them and finally settled on a calyx. I love my calyx! It's a completely different fit than the Ergo, and it's less fiddly for me. But I've heard people say the calyx is difficult, so I think it just depends on the person.
  • Anyone tried the Lillebaby?  It looks a little less cumbersome than the Ergo and also has an outward facing option.  I haven't been able to find unbiased reviews though.  I don't think they are sold anywhere in my area.
  • Really?  I never did front carries, but I found it very comfy for back carries.  Your baby is still small, so a non-padded carrier would still be comfy for you (though not likely for long periods or hikes or anything like that).  However, if you plan to carry a toddler the "bulky" (i.e., padded) straps are really a necessity IMO.  GL finding the right fit! 
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