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Dr. Paka?

Hi- I was wondering if anyone has used or has thoughts on the practice of Dr Paka with Midwives Sabine Jeuaie  and Tamara Belkin? I have an OB that is out of SLR already but was contemplating moving to a practice that includes a midwife. Any opinions would be so helpful :) 


Thanks, Danielle  

Re: Dr. Paka?

  • I think Dr. Paka and her staff are pretty good. I purposely sought out an OB that specialized in natural births, with a facility that consisted of a birthing center. They are very informative and honest with EVERYTHING. I really want to deliver a natural child birth, but one of the midwives told me based on my size and some other condition that I have with my urine flow, that I may need to have a cesarean section done. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm glad that I know what to "possibly" expect once it time to deliver. Just be aware that they run a long waiting area in that office. I think it's mainly because there are a lot of patients coming to see this particular staff.


  • I really like the midwifes - Sabine and Tamara.  Dr. Paka is nice too, but visits with her are very brief.  I'd be fine if I only saw the midwives, but I guess I'm glad to have the support of Dr. Paka too in case I needed more medical help. Some visits do have a long wait in the waiting room, but I have no problems getting appointments when I need them.  I think it's a great option if you're looking to work with midwives and an OB and deliver st SLR or the Birthing Center.  
  • Thanks for the information. I am going to them on Friday for my first prenatal visit. My husband likes that there is the support of a traditional Dr. in the practice. Where I am looking forward to the midwives.


    Best of luck to you both!  

  • I would love to hear more about people's experiences with this group. I have been interviewing midwives here in Brooklyn and have an appt with Tamara Belkin next week. I want to have a natural birth with a midwife (and a doula) and I'd love to use a Birthing Center. SLR seems to be a good compromise as they have all these things, but I am nervous they might be too crowded and too medicalized.

    In case anyone's curious, I liked Park slope Midwives but they deliver at NY Methodist in Park slope, which isn't the nicest hospital. Feeling very unsure about what to do. Does it make sense to give birth in Manhattan (where I work) when I live in BK? so many questions!

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