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NAPR: Anyone watch Jamie Oliver's show on ABC

If you haven't - go watch it online right now! Its amazing. I have loved Jamie Oliver for a long time, but this show really is fantastic.

And it is so disturbing to see what they serve in school lunches and how this is how schools choose to follow the government's guidelines on nutrition.

I think I was on the verge of crying through the whole show (and did a few times) at the lack of respect he was getting for wanting to change the way they eat, and how misinformed people are and how the culture of food in our country is so backwards. It's so sad to see people on the brink of chronic disease but not know how to make the changes.

Anyways - its a good show :)

Re: NAPR: Anyone watch Jamie Oliver's show on ABC

  • Yes

    Totally agree with everything, even the verge of crying.  I don't get why they get personally offended when he tries to sub in healthier options, especially at the school.  Do you have a personal stake in pizza??  So bizarre.

  • i'm with you! it was captivating. i never was a fan, but i have an entirely new respect for him now.

    his acceptance speech for the ted award is great too:

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  • When I saw the show promo- I thought- wow- what a great idea... it's too bad he's not American because I bet a lot of people will resent his message just because it's coming from a foreigner. 

    My kids got to watch the show before I did at Grandma's house, and the report they came home with was great (we homeschool) - my son (12) Is really into cooking- he's really getting accomplished and he even will go through cookbooks and find something that interests him- and we'll shop for the ingredients- so he is really getting to know foods...for christmas he got a hand cranked pasta maker and we recently went on a big hunt for some imported Italian OO flour-  he was so shocked about the children's inability to identify common vegetables... as he was trying to tell me all this- my 7 year old daughter chimed in- "Yeah- they don't know that stuff because they never get to go to the store! They are always in school!"

    It was just a funny (although sad) twist- because usually people are so concerned that homeschooled kids are missing out ... and here we have a situation, that wasn't even designed to be a commentary showing the school kids don't even get forks and knives! (I was so burnt up when that lunch lady asked him for documentation about the English children being able to use their utensils!)

  • I can't wait to watch Friday's episode.  I was shocked to see what gets served in schools for breakfast and lunch.  I was also disgusted by his demo in the last episode.  Agree with pp that Jamie is encountering difficulties because he is "a foreigner".   
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  • Loved it, not really a TV watcher and never watch un-dvred stuff but we were both captivated last Friday.  I can't believe the kids could watch him make chicken nuggets and then eat them!  Not knowing the produce was nuts, my 20 month old could tell you what they all are and we haven't "taught" him that!  I feel like he really cares and I really don't know if he'll be able to make a difference in this town, I am riveted!
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  • LOVED it!  Did you read In Defense of Food by Michael Pollon?  You'd be amazed.

    And the "foreigner" thing is just stupid.  He's British, its hardly a huge leap.  And if he had a Polio Vaccine and walking around the country saving lives with it, would anyone really care he was a Brit?

    I think people hate that fact that he is RIGHT.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
  • I thought he made such a great point about kids learn how to read, write, etc. in school, but no one teaches them the very basics of living like how to eat with a fork and knife or the name of the vegetables! I guess schools assume this is something they would learn at home, but clearly, that's not happening.

    And it just occured to me while I watched that show that if you do eat mostly fast food - you don't need a knife and fork. Wow. That really amazed me.

    I was also talking to someone recently about how kids would probably eat more of their lunch if they had recess first and then had lunch afterwards. Kids would definitely be slowing down to eat their food and taking their time because they would just have to go to class. They know they get to go to recess as soon as they finish lunch, and therefore, they shove it down their throats and run out the door.  

    I don't think it would be a bad idea for kids to be required to eat with manners during lunch at school. Using a knife and fork, napkin on their laps, elbows off the table, etc.

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