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advice needed re: oversupply & NIP

I feel like I'll never be able to NIP.

With DS1, I had to pump the first 2 months before we finally got nursing figured out. My supply was huge and I had a very strong, fast let-down. So as soon as he'd start nursing one side, the other breast would leak like crazy, through my nursing pad, bra, tank, and shirt. I usually had to stuff a burp rag into my bra while he was nursing. By the time my supply got evened out enough, it was probably after 6 months and then he was spacing his feedings often enough that I didn't really need to NIP at all.

DS2 is a pro nurser, but my supply is still crazy and let-down is just as fast and strong. We nurse one side at a time, because that is all he can handle. Just now I put a new nursing pad on the breast he wasn't nursing on, and it soaked through it within seconds, literally. Meaning I had to change my bra, tank, and tshirt when he was done nursing.

I know that eventually my supply will even out and I won't be leaking as much, but do you have any recommendations for what to do in the meantime? I can't picture myself stuffing a towel down my shirt at the playground!

Re: advice needed re: oversupply & NIP

  • I had the same problem, and for me it was rarely worth the hassle of NIP.  I used those flannel receiving blankets (the big ones) folded up as burp cloths and literally had to put it between he and I and across the other breast to prevent a major mess.  Between keeping that in place, and trying to keep from flashing everyone around since he was such a flailing spaz I decided sitting in the car was easier almost every time. 
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  • What type of nursing pads are you using?  I leaked through Gerber cloth pads very quickly, but now I use ArtsyFartsyFooFoo (AFFF) hemp pads, and have never leaked through a bra or shirt since.  They have a layer of PUL on the back so they are very hard to leak through.  You can purchase them by stalking this blog: or her hyena cart store:  She stocks once or twice a month, but they sell out really, really quickly.  I know that's not a quick fix, but if you can get your hands on some, they really work!
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  • Have you thought about Milkies? Link

    I have a relatively strong/fast let down as well and sometimes have the same problems you described. I came across these awhile ago and have been wondering if they're worth it. They're a little expensive, but I wonder how much milk we're wasting when we soak through clothes?! Granted, I haven't had to NIP much at all. 

    Oh, and I think it's interesting that your son was born in a caul...I haven't come across that term anywhere but a short story that I teach my kids at work! Very cool.

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  • I was going to suggest the milkies as well
  • I've seen the milkies and other similar things but they don't look like something that i could wear very discreetly. And then what do I do with them while out in public?

    I use both disposable Gerber pads and cloth pads, some of which are hemp. None of them seem to do the job so far.

  • MILK DIAPERS!  Love them.  Haven't leaked though with them yet, and I've leaked through Gerber and Medela cloth pads.

     Hope that helps!


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