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Beaumont Troy or Royal Oak?

My OBGYN is part of the Beaumont network, but does anyone have a recommendation on which Beaumont to use?  I had surgery about 6 years ago at Troy and it was a fine experience.  No problems.  But my husband's friend had both their babies at Royal Oak and loved the care they recieved there. 

Any recs?


Re: Beaumont Troy or Royal Oak?

  • I had DS at Troy and I had a wonderful experience.  I've heard great things about both.  I personally prefer Troy over Royal Oak.  Royal Oak is just too big for me.  I had to go there for a u/s once and parking was a nightmare!  If you don't exactly where you're going, it can get pretty confusing too

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  • Royal Oak Beaumont has this highest c-section rate in the state of Michigan.  Troy's is much lower, I think it is below the national average for c-sections. 

    I had DS at Royal Oak and didn't love my experience.  I will not be having any more children there. L&D nurses where fine, but the ones in postpartum where awful.  I also ended up a with a c-section.  In my Beaumont Parenting Group there where only like 2 moms who had vaginal deliveries. 

  • I had my DD in Troy location and my DS in RO, I definitely liked Beaumont in Troy better. Nurses were good in both but I liked that Beaumont in Troy was a lot smaller. In Royal Oak they have a lot of students too so someone is constantly walking into your room, not much privacy.

    Overall positive experience with Beaumont(had vaginal delivery for both) but definitely prefer Troy location.

  • I had DS at RO and had a fantastic experience in both L&D and recovery.  The nurses were wonderful and, even RO is a teaching hospital, there were no students waking around doing observations.

    Not to discount anyone's opinions, but the c-section rate is really more about the doctors performing them so if you are concerned about that then you should check out you practice's track record.


  • I delivered at Troy.  From what I've heard though Royal Oak likes to interfere a lot more (stick with needles, that sort of thing) when it's not really necessary.  Royal Oak is supposed to be awesome if you have a preemie, but otherwise I would stick with Troy.

       Btw, Troy was AWESOME!  I LOVED the nurses and they left me alone, and let me get rest but if I needed them they were there in a heartbeat!  They were good as far as helping with BFing but weren't pushy, and they offered to take DS to the nursery at night every night in case I wanted it but when I said no thank you they weren't pushy (I thought it was nice they asked because if I had wanted to I might have been too shy to ask or not realized that was an option!).  Also, the rooms were AMAZING for hospital rooms!  

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  • My sister had her daughter at Troy, and I had mine at Royal Oak.  Both of us had great experiences.... so I would say either!

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  • I delivered at RO and had an absolutely wonderful experience.  I can't say enough about the quality of care both I and my DD received.  I stayed for 6 days and DD was there for 2 weeks in the NICU.  All of the nurses- triage, antepartum, L&D, mother/baby, and NICU- were so wonderful and caring.  Obviously we liked some more than others, but overall it was fantastic- i am still so grateful that they took such great care of us.

    I have never heard anything bad about Troy, but in our situation, it worked out well to be at RO since they have a much larger NICU (I was induced at 34 weeks due to pre-e).

    Oh- and I did not have a c-section.   I agree, I think it really depends on your doctor.

    Good luck!




  • I spent 5 days at RO while PG with preterm labor and got great care.  I also spent a few days at Troy wile PG with perterm labor and had great care.  I ended up delivering at Troy and had a good experience.  RO has a NICU and Troy does not.  Both are good.  I think they both also offer private rooms. 
  • I stayed at both during my pregnancy, and was happy at both.  If I had to pick though, I think I'd go with Troy because it's newer and a bit less busy.
  • I agree that it does have a lot to do with your doctor, but it very likely that your doctor will not be there the entire time you are in labor.  I know mine wasn't.  The attending dr was the one who decided that I needed a c/s.  Then they called my ob and she came and did it.  If had been a true emergency the attending would of just done it.

    I use to think that my situation was isolated.  However more moms that I meet that have had thier LO's at RO, I realize that I am not alone.  RO does a lot more interventions that other hospitals in this area. 

  • For what it's worth RO Beaumont has one of the best NICU's in the state and services many more high risk patients than the Troy hospital. When comparing c-section rates it's best to compare equivalent hospitals for an apples to apples comparison.

    Both seem to be great facilities and you'll receive top-rate service at both. 

  • I delivered DD at Royal Oak and will be delivering this one there as well.  I spent 10 weeks on hospital bedrest at Royal Oak and had fantastic care.  All the L&D nurses were great and I never had any issues with the postpartum nurses either.  Granted, DD was in the NICU so I didn't spend much time in my room. 

    I think the c-section thing really depends on the doctor.  I delivered DD vaginally, c-section was never brought up.

    I saw another poster said Troy doesn't have a NICU, but they do.  They care for babies that are at least 28 weeks gestation, anything younger and they go to Royal Oak. 

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  • I delivered at RO beaumont as well....and plan to deliver there again. I had a fantastic experience. ALL of my nurses were great. I was in love with every single one of my nurses postpartum as well (maybe I got lucky? I don't know...).

    I also totally agree that the c/s rate greatly depends on your Dr. My Dr was there basically the entire time. I never saw an on call Dr during my l&d. 

    On the other hand my friend delivered at Troy and had a horrible experience.  I just don't think you can make generalizations. Everyones experience is different. She went out of her way to find a Troy Dr and to deliver there and was SO disappointed in her experience. 

  • Yep, I think Troy's NICU is newer, but pretty small- 10 beds or something like that?
  • I also delivered at RO and had a great experience.  It is a teaching hospital, but we had to give the okay for any students to be in the room during delivery.  Also, while the resident was there too, one of the doctors from my practice was there the whole time I was in labor, Not necessarily in my room, but at the hospital, so they made all the decisions on my care and did all my checks, etc.  The nurses were great and very helpful, but everyone has their own experience and expectations when they go in.

    As far as a high c/s rate at RO, it really does depend on your doctors and how available they are for you.  For me, a c/s was never even dicussed and I pushed for 3 hours.  My doctor supported me in delivering without forceps (sp?) , vaccum, or a c/s. 

    I think they are both great hospitals so you probably can't go wrong either way!  Good luck!

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  • I had a HORRENDOUS experience at RO when I was sent there with a possible m/c at 20 weeks or so. It took 8 hours from them to figure out that it was my endometriosis. I saw 3 different residents, none of which read my chart and repeatedly pressed HARD on my stomach that was in extreme pain. My nurse was loudly complaining about her husbands job while I was bawling my eyes out alone before DH got there, and they made me stand ( and bleed all over myself) while they trained the receptionist on how to enter my information. I will NEVER EVER go back t their L/D, and both of my doctors say they've had several unhappy patients from there.

    I had a wonderful experience at Troy- the complete opposite- I went there to be monitored weekly after my visit to RO. I will absolutely go back. The care I received was amazing, and I can't express my gratitude for the staf there- they were incredible. 

  • Though my delivery experience was different when I delivered there, RO was wonderful and I can't say enough great things about the drs & nurses.  They were very caring and sincere.

    Also, the one time I was at Troy I had a horrible surgical experience (non-pgl related) and because of it both h and I will never go back there.  They may be smaller but what I saw there is when things were backed up, they rushed things and made everything much worse.

  • I had my daughter at Royal Oak, at it was a wonderful experience.  I didn't love my main nurse in the L&D, but I also had a resident there, and we allowed one student to be in the room, and they were great!  All of the nurses in the mother/baby unit were wonderful!  I would agree that the c-section rate has more to do with your doctor.  I did have a vaginal delivery, but it turned out that the forcepts were needed bc my daughter was turned slightly.  I had been pushing for two hours when the doctor suggested using the forcepts, and when I was hesitant to do that, he said that was fine, he would allow my to keep pushing for another hour before he felt help would be necessary.  As it turned out, I only lasted another 10 mins, and we used the forcepts to help her along.  But a c-section was never even mentioned by the nurse or doctor.  Keep in mind also, if your baby needs to go to the NICU for any reason, the baby will be transferred to Royal Oak, and you would be forced to stay in Troy.  That was a big factor in my decision.  I believe there are only a few hospitals in MI that have NICU's. 
  • I also had a terrible experience delivering my DS at Royal Oak Beaumont, but unfortunatley, that is the only hospital my doctors delivered at.  The staff and the whole experience is something I wish I could do over and that was our first child.  I am currently looking around for a new OB/GYN that does not deliver at Royal Oak.  Anyone have any suggestions??

    Thanks :) 

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