My g'dad fell yesterday=( — The Bump

My g'dad fell yesterday=(

I hate, hate, hate being so far away=(  He fell on the patio and my G'ma said that there was tons of blood everywhere.  My G'ma called their neighbor, called 911 and their neighbor came over.  Their other neighbor came right over, too.  She drove my G'ma to the hospital and went with my G'dad to get his cat scan while my G'ma collected her nerves.  My aunt and uncle were in LA and had to drive down and didn't get there until later.  But they stayed there until midnight and cleaned up all the blood. 

His nose, eye and side of his head are all swollen today.  Poor guy=(  

I am so glad that they have such good neighbors!  They have 3 sets of neighbors they can call anytime.  She said the one neighbor (the one that came over first) was fah-reaking out.  She thinks my G'parents as her own.  So, she was so concerned that he was going to pass out. My G'ma said she's super dramatic=P  

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