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Newborn Swimming

DH and I are big swimmers and we can't wait to enjoy the summer out at the lake and at our family's house with the pool..... But I'm a little concerned about whether LO will be able to enjoy the water with us as young as he will be.

Does anyone know if newborns can be allowed to be in a pool or lake or similar body of water? I'm unsure and Pedi hasn't gotten back from vacation.

Re: Newborn Swimming

  • Once their umbilical cord falls off, they should be fine. You just probably don't want to be dunking their heads under unless you're familiar with infant swim techniques and know how to do it.
  • As far as I know it should be fine. I am a swim teacher and I fully intend to take my daughter in the water this summer and teach parent child classes. In those classes we teach that it is safe for an infant to fully submerge up to 3 times. They obviously do not have the reflexes to not swallow water yet, but the sooner you start practicing the better!
  • My parents have a pool and I plan on having DS in it this summer.  They always have an umbrella over the shallow end so we'll have shade.
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