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PIP: Canvas Prints

Thought I would share these also:)  
I decided I wanted to do his first and middle name for the wall. I wanted to go with the colors of his bedding. I also loved these Canvas Prints sold with his bedding but COULD NOT spend 60$ on something I could copy (with my own flair of course). So with the assistance of my sister we tackled the painting and designing for 2 days.
Canvas Prints:
Bedding Set Originals:
How I started with Blank Canvas: Painted Each Canvas and used the sticker wall decals
Putting it all together:
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Re: PIP: Canvas Prints

  • Cute! Nice job.  I love DIY projects.

  • The look great!  Nice job
  • Those came out cute.
    When life hands you lemons, you throw them back in life's face and say "F*ck you, I want some Orange juice, B!tch! Make it happen!"

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