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Close call at work today

I just have to share, I was in a meeting today and some people were telling stories about their LOs...then things kind of died down and it was my turn to go over my project status (which happens to involve pediatrics) I was like, "So, speaking of kids" and everyone totally stopped and was like "Do you have something to tell us????" Freaky moment! I was definitely just talking about my project and said so, but wonder if I gave something away... I'm trying to keep it from work people for at least another month.

Do you think people can tell even if you don't say anything? Last week someone asked me point blank, "So when's it your turn?" after a baby shower for another co-worker...I didn't know what to say. I don't know if I'm noticing things like that more or if people really are asking/commenting more around me. 

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Re: Close call at work today

  • ::Jumping in from TTC::

    It's a combo. 1) You are definitely noticing it more. After any work baby shower they'll always ask the "next one" when they're going to be working on it. It happened to me probably 3 times at my last job. People just get baby-excited and hope that someone else will be working on it, and somehow feel it's OK to ask.  So those questions are innocent. Same with the meeting moment.

    however, 2) if you're reacting with a pause to their annoying prompts, they'll start actually guessing and wondering about it. But then again, the second you're married work-people start guessing and wondering and suspect every little thing. See PP's comment.

    Don't freak out about it. Keep going like everything is normal and brushing off the annoying "when are you trying" comments :) 

    PS - Congrats to you and H&H 9 months!!

    ::jumping away again...::

  • I think people notice a reaction (or lack thereof) more than anything. Sometimes they may see something you don't even realize you're projecting. I had a co-worker who was called out on her pregnancy because she kept covering her tummy with her hands without being aware of it.

    Side story - We haven't told anyone yet either but one of DH's co-workers asked if we were pregnant. She said DH "had that glow." She's been asking him for a couple of years if we were expecting so the question wasn't weird - although the "glow" part was kind of funny!

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  • So funny! I was actually at a co-workers baby shower yesterday and got asked (and I get asked everytime we have a meeting because I'm the youngest and the only childless one at this point). I just said we'd like to but "we'll see". I'm hoping I can hold off long enough.
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