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Freaked out today

So I m/c with my last pregnancy and today I had a little blood while I was at lunch.  I totally freaked out, called the dr. who rushed me in, leaving school and I meeting I had scheduled today.  I also freaked out my male co-worker and some superiors who had no idea I was pregnant because I was waiting til I was out of the danger zone.  So after an ultra sound and pelvic exam all is well and now I get to go back to work and tell them it was a freak out moment.  So embarrasing.  DH has been giving me grief all night because he left work to meet me at the dr. for nothing.  Ahhh, why did I lose my sanity when I became pregnant.

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  • Better safe than sorry. I'm annoying the crap out of my MW's office. Once I'm past my point of my last m/c I'll be a bit better.....I think...Lol


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  • I think any one of us would have done the exact same thing...don't feel silly.

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  • image JoannaJes:
    I think any one of us would have done the exact same thing...don't feel silly.

    this!  for sure!

  • Definitely would have done the same thing!

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