Pregnant after a Loss

Um, thanks?

I'm in grad school and today one of my male classmates told me I'm getting huge.  I felt that it was appropriate to reply in my most sarcastic voice "wow, thanks.  That's what every pregnant woman loves to hear."  I guess the silver lining is a look pregnant?!? On the flip side, one of my friends later said she loves my bump and thinks I'm a cute pregnant lady. 

As usual, there's no point to this post, but just thought I'd share. Big Smile

Re: Um, thanks?

  • Some people are just dumb. I'm sure you are an adorable pregnant lady! I'd listen to your friend if I were you. :)

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    I just want to give you a world as beautiful as you are to me.
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  • I feel huge and look huge . . . but do I want to be called huge?  Of course not. 

    Sorry, I'm sure he meant it in a nice way .  .. but still - people can be so careless with their words.

    I bet you look fantastic!

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