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1st Trimester

Mashed potatoes...

The best thing to happen since my BFP.

This is my siggy. Love it.

Re: Mashed potatoes...

  • mmm. thanks, I'll be dreaming about those now!!!
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  • OMG, I had a potato at a restaurant over the weekend that was to die for! I like potatoes, but never thought it could taste so good! MMMMM.

    He's growing up, but he'll always be my baby!


    ...big brother to...???? Due March 2014!

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  • Try adding some extra milk and shredded cheese to them when they are steaming hot.  Mix it all together until the cheese is melty and gooey.  So good!
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  • ...Agreed! Back during the holidays..thanksgiving, xmas etc etc..Family made homemade mashed potatoes and I swear I had my plate 3/4 potato 1/4 little bit of everything else..and I always took the leftover potatoes home :)
  • Mmmm carbs!
  • ahh, my favorite food in the world, besides baked potatoes, french fries...ect ect. Since ive been preggo its Wendys fries that really do it for me!!!
  • They are the best thing ever and I just drive through Boston Market and order a side of corn and gravy and OMG! Im in instant heaven!
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