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Introducing 1 bottle of form. per day

I have been breastfeeding only since DD was born.  I have tried pumping, but it is really painful for me, and I can't seem to find 15 minutes to do it. I rented a pump from the hospital, and it just isn't working out.  I decided that I want to start giving 1 bottle of formula per day. I have to go back to work in Sept., and will be weaning to complete formula by then, so I want to get her used to formula.

I started tonight...DH gave her a bottle. We have some of those little bottles (the sample ones that are 2 oz.)  She only ate about 1.5 oz.  I have no idea if that is enough. I guess I am looking for advice on anyone that does both breastfeeding and formula feeding, and how you manage it.

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Re: Introducing 1 bottle of form. per day

  • We gave DS a few bottles of formula when he was 4-6 weeks other then that I EBF. We stuck to the last feeding of the day. Since formula isn't digested as quickly it helped him sleep better. If your just doing one bottle I'd recomend it as the last feed. The first few times DS had formula he just had the little 2 ounce bottles and didn't always drink it all either
  • My DS is 1/2 formula and 1/2 pumped breastmilk fed. We alternate on bottles (he never got the hang of latching on real well and I had some health issues that prevented me from nursing), so DS get 1 bottle of formula then the next feeding is breastmilk, and so on. We use Similac Sensitive formula and initially had problems with spitting up (not throwing up) but got a Dr. Brown's formula mixing pitcher (BEST EVER for mixing formula!!!!) since the RTF is really expensive, and powdered is cheaper. We did small amounts at first and gradually introduced more and more at a time. He is now 9 weeks old and was 7lbs 8oz when born and is now almost 12 lbs and has grown 5 inches!!!!
  • We give one per day.  Around 9 pm, then put him down.  We offer 4 oz.  He takes 2 oz sometimes but usually 3 - 3.5.  He's been sleeping better w/ the formula.  We are introducing formula for similar reasons - we are going away and I won't have enough BM for the time we are away.
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