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Those that did the 3 Day Potty Training method...

...did it really only take 3 days?  

We just completed day 2 and while we made a little progress we're nowhere near what I would call "trained".  

I don't expect her to do it perfectly each time... but seriously, I'm doing laundry every time she sleeps. I thought 20 pairs of underwear would be enough.  :(  

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Re: Those that did the 3 Day Potty Training method...

  • Give her time and don't be afraid to do diapers when she's sleeping. Is your DD ready for it all? Not trying to sound harsh. Just wanted to share that our DD used the potty starting at 20 months but wasn't ready to actually be PT'd until 2.5. Looks like your DD is just over 2. Used the diapers for another 4 months and then suddenly she was ready to sleep in just undies. So give her time.
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  • Butting in: What IS the 3 day method?? Is there a book? I seem to find lots of different 3 day methods online and I want to know what you all are using. TIA!
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  • imageDoozieanne:
    Butting in: What IS the 3 day method?? Is there a book? I seem to find lots of different 3 day methods online and I want to know what you all are using. TIA!


    there's a blog , you can order the book through the site.  the woman swears it works every time.  I know people who were successful.  I do think the child has to be ready though.  essentially, you spend 3 solid days with dc...  no computer, no tv, no work....  focus on dc.... offer fluids frequently and take trips to the potty frequently.  keep encouraging and reminding pee pee goes in the potty.. poop goes in the potty...  offer prizes (stickers, special treats, etc) for success.  lots of positive reinforcement... no negative comments/frustration.  gotta put your xanax happy face on.  


    I tried with ds.... he started improving and actually asked to go on the 3rd day... but he's still having accidents (we started last Wed)... of course, we all came down with the plague this weekend.  that doesn't help. however, he's asking to go a couple of times a day. and the wet pants have decreased from 9+ a day to just a couple a day. I'm pleased.  just have to keep at it.  he doesn't hold it well and doesn't make much pee at a time.   still no poop on the potty... which is messy in big boy pants.   momma's ready for a drink.  lol. 



  • We did this over the weekend and I think it was pretty successful. He's not 100% trained, poop is an issue and he probably has 1-3 accidents per day. The accidents he has however are pretty predictable though - in the am when he's too busy watching Kai Lan and I'm running late for work and at school when he goes into the room with all of the really cool toys.

    I will say that day 2 was the most difficult day by far for us. Day 1 was messy but he was excited about the potty and on day 3 he had one accident which was completely my fault. Day 2 was like the day he decided he wanted me to give up, like he was testing me or something to see if I could be up to the challenge.

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  • The strict 3 day method just didn't work for us (we tried before). We started loosely following it Monday, so today is day 3 & she is doing great. No accidents today! We just had to adjust the method to our lifestyle. She also wears a diaper at night.

    I also agree DC needs to be ready. We tried twice in the last 4-5 months & it was a disaster. This time has been so much easier. Day 2 was definitely the hardest, I was so discouraged yesterday, but stuck with it & she has done amazing today, it's crazy the difference, and I'm hoping the next few days continues to get even better. 

    Good luck!

  • Interesting that you posted this because had you asked this yesterday (Day 3 for us) I would have said it didn't work AT ALL!  Here is what transpired during our experience:

    Day 1: DD was so excited to use the potty chair.  She did amazing!  5 out of the 10 times she went she did it on her own. Of the remaining 5 times, 3 were caught and finished on the potty leaving only 2 full accidents. All in  all a great day that I called successful.

    Day 2: DD started resenting the potty chair.  She didn't want anything to do with it and of the 6 times she went that day, she only went on her own once.  The remaining 5 were caught and finished on the potty.  No full accidents.  Not terrible but certainly nothing like Day 1.

    Day 3:  DD not only revolted against the potty chair, she also didn't want to wear her "big girl underwear" nor did she want to drink ANYTHING!  I felt like it was a lot for her and she had accidents on purpose.  She only went 4 times... all of which were caught and finished on the potty.

    Needless to say, DH and I were very discouraged and frustrated.  We didn't know what happened but felt DD was still ready.  We ditched diapers all together.  We didn't use them overnight or for naps and all 3 days she stayed dry for both. 

    I woke up this morning with a different approach in mind. I wasn't going to push the potty chair.  We would follow our normal daily routine and it would be ok if she had accidents.  We would take it slow.  Well, I'm happy to say that she went ALL 5 times today on her own without a single accident.  She was excited to use the potty chair and of those 5 times, 3 were without me even in the room!  It just clicked today and I say this method was successful for us (for now at least)!

  • We followed the 3-day method but still use diapers at nighttime. It took DD a week to master peeing on the potty, meaning that she knew when she needed to go and made it to the potty in time. It took her three weeks to master pooping because she was so freaked out by it at first.
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  • We did the 3-day training, but DD was absolutely ready for PTing.  The only hold up was getting her into underwear, and I took Thanksgiving weekend to do it.  She had about 2-3 accidents each day and was dry at nap and night time.


  • We did it this weekend and DS is still having 2-3 accidents a day, so I don't think it's a miracle method.
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