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Rx for Progesterone but don't understand why

Today was my 2nd OB visit, and i'm just about 8 weeks. My OB must have gotten me confused with someone else and prescribed me progesterone and kept saying he just wants to make sure there is no risk this time....then when I asked why, he said, 'because of the loss'.  I corrected him and explained I never had a loss, but he said that I can still take it anyway to be safe, and to take it until about 10-12 weeks. I did a little research online and it doesn't seem to pose any risk....but does that seem odd to anyone? I don't really like to take things unnecessarily....but I know at the same time I need to let go and trust my doctor. Thoughts, ladies? Thanks!!

Re: Rx for Progesterone but don't understand why

  • I would call and clarify before taking, something doesn't seem right.

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  • I would find a new OB. He mixed you up with someone else, then covered his assss about it. If there is no reason to be on P4, then you should not take it. Also while it is covered by insurance usually, it is an expensive med.
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  • As a progesterone taker you should not mess with it unless you have low progesterone or have a history of loss/early labor.

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  • image allyandpat2010:
    As a progesterone taker you should not mess with it unless you have low progesterone or have a history of loss/early labor.

    I completely agree with this.  Any dr would (or SHOULD) say that is isn't optimal to take a drug like that for preventative reasons.  You should only be taking it if you have a need for it.

  • Thank you, I'm so glad you all agree! I thought that maybe I was over-reacting, but i just had a really bad feeling about it. Plus he clearly had said everything was normal...my bloodwork was great, heartbeat perfect at 166, growth right on target, etc. I know the first 12 weeks are always at risk, but if there is no visible need for the Rx, then I'm not ok with it!! I'll call his office tomorrow with my questions. Thanks again!
  • I personally take RX for Progesterone. During my first pregnancy I was hemorraging which my defiency of Progesterone was causing me to do and my uterus was thinning which can cause a miscarriage. The medication can only be taken until 14 weeks I think, Cant remember the exact week. If anything it would strength your uterus.  So why not take it? I think many miscarriages are shrugged off because of this. I think the percentage of miscarriages would go down if a lot of women's pogesterone levels were checked during the early weeks of pregnancy.
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