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Newly Pregnant, friends, new place and emotions........

Hi All! Just looking for a few helpful words of advice. I posted a few days ago a little about myself. My husband and I got married last year, and moved to a new city for my job in August. We are about 3 1/2 hours away from both of our families. I really enjoy my job, met a lot of people and became really close to a few.

 Forward to now, I just found out I am pregnant, and told the one girl since I just thought I needed a sounding board and she has been super supportive. I am sooo happy about the baby, just wasn't the timing we had expected. I am now getting more and more nervous that I am going to loose some of my new friends now that my life has a new focus, and being so far from family I am nervous I am going to be really lonley for the next few months. To top it off, my husband works opposite shift from me, so my evenings are already spent mostly alone.

I hope this dosen't sound like complaining, I really am not. Just wondering how some of you got through this begining time.......Thanks in advance! :)

Re: Newly Pregnant, friends, new place and emotions........

  • Sure it may happen that you drift out of touch with some of your new friends, but think of all the opportunities that you will have to meet mommies to be!  Prenatal Classes, PG exercise classes etc.  Most of my friends are older than me, some have teenage children and certainly no one is about to have a baby. They will always be my friends, I am excited about the opportunity to meet new people and expand my social circle.

    Good Luck!

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  • everything will be okay Smile even if some of your new friends drift, you'll meet more. Being a mommy will have you friends with other mommies without much of an effort. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!!!
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  • I am in a very similar situation, work opposite shifts of my DH, not near family, moving in a few weeks, etc.  I spend a lot of time alone, and I am ok with that.  I make sure to take a yoga class once a week, I do some volunteering, those things really help to round out my weeks and keep me active.  I have a dog so when I walk the dog it's inevitably a converstation starter. 

    I bet if you took a prenatal yoga class you'd find some friends that way, newly pregnant ladies who you could chat with. 

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