1st Trimester

2nd (and more) mommies - Round ligament pain?

I feel like I'm crazy but I swear I felt RLP while I was walking today....has anyone else felt it this early?
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Re: 2nd (and more) mommies - Round ligament pain?

  • I've been feeling it a LOT this time around... I barely felt it with DD, felt it a lot with DS and even more this time.  Last time (m/c) I didn't feel it very much.
  • Havent felt that yet and not looking forward to it  Tongue Tied
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  • i haven't felt it yet, but i'm crampy here and there.
  • imageflgirl79:
    I think I've been feeling it. I definitely feel some tugging and pulling.


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  • I have been feeling it too.  Maybe because I had DD a year ago and my body has not bounced back yet
  • I think I've had this too - I mainly feel it when I stand up after sitting.

  • I felt it around six and seven weeks. It wasn't painful, just pulling, like I could feel my stomach actually stretching.
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  • Yep, a couple of times now..  And I too thought it was way too early bc I didn't have it until around 16-20wks with DS.  But this pregnancy has been completely different all around so nothing at this point would surprise me.

    Dx with severe endometriosis. DS#1 conceived with Met and TI. TTC#2 for 2.5 yrs. Dx 2nd IF. 4 clomid cycles, 2 IUIs, Finally IVF#1 w/ICSI worked for us! twins born 35w3d. Unexpected total hysterectomy 6/11. Now on the HRT train.

  • Absolutely, especially during a couple of times where I have moved too quickly. Ouch! I'm just glad I haven't gotten them yet when I sneeze. Those were the worst for me.

  • No not yet but not looking forward to it Tongue Tied I had it a lot, mostly in the 2nd tri, with my DD.
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