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Ive seen many posts on when and how to come out to your friends and family!  I let everyone know at 10 weeks. By everyone I mean mom, dad, mil, fil, sister/brother, close friends. But I have a huge family! Lots of aunts and uncles and about 15 cousins and their familys; and were all really close knit. It would take forever to call them all and I honestly dont feel like it. But my mom told my one aunt during a phone convo and im worried, shouldnt I be telling everyone? Like now my aunt will prob tell her sister and so on and so on. I dont mind them all talking but I feel like maybe I should say somthing. Is it normal or a good idea to send a were expecting card, to everyone in the family, or is that just odd? I have never recieved one so maybe thats not how you do it. Would you do that to inform a large family?

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  • imagelaurenfeuker:
    Is it normal or a good idea to send a were expecting card, to everyone in the family, or is that just odd?

    No need to send a card to people. That would be odd. Since you have a large family I would think that word of mouth would suffice.

  • We have a great big extended fam, and we just use word of mouth.
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  • Okay, thanks ladies!! I was just worried people would feel left out that I didnt find them important enough to call and tell the good news; but calling them all would take forever! I think ill just let it spread :]
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    You could always send out an email to everyone.  That way it is coming from you, but only takes 30 seconds.

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  • I didnt think of emailing! Thanks <3
  • i told my close friends and family but everyone else can find out by word of mouth.
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