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What are you doing with your comforter?

Since you can't put it into the crib, What do you plan on doing with LO's comforter? In my case (and I think in most cases) the comforter is what has the majority of the design on it so I want it to show somewhere!

Re: What are you doing with your comforter?

  • Probably hanging over the back of the rocker!
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    I did custom bedding so I am having a matching blanket made to throw over the glider.

  • I have hand sewn a sleeve and inserted a dowel at the top of the comforter so it can hang on the wall. I still have to do the same to the bottom so that it is stretched and looks better on the wall, but we love it as an art piece on the wall.



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  • I'll be hanging it on the rocker until he can use it on his toddler bed :)
  • It is hung on DS's wall.  My grandpa made something to hang it with.

  • they sell a rod or something to hang a comforter on the wall id go to home depot to see if they have it, thats what im going to do
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  • We're just going to throw the blanket over the glider.


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  • we will hang it over the back of the rocking chair until she is old enough to use it. 

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  • Like pp, probably over the back of the rocker until LO can use it.
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