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So I had another U/S today, it went good! Each baby was over 5lbs, Baby A was 5.5. They are also both head down! This however, presents a "problem", we've basically been planning and expecting a C Section, but now that its getting closer to the date and both babies are in position I'm really starting to think about a vaginal delivery... SO can you guys give me your experiences, both C section and Vaginal?

I will continue to research both options and talk with my H and Dr., but would like to hear some IRL stories, including recoveries?


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  • I really, really wanted a vag. delivery. Baby B kept us all guessing though up til delivery--but the day before I was induced, both were heads down, so my MFM said I could go for it.

    I had the pitocin drip and an epidural and they broke Baby A's water early on to try to speed things up. But after 8 hours of laboring, B started blocking A in the canal causing A to essentially be stuck. I had to convert to a c/s at that point. 

    The c/s itself wasn't bad at all (they jack you up to where you are so numb you don't feel anything) and I had a very "laid back" team taking care of me. I was disappointed that I didn't have a vag, but I knew it wasn't in the cards and that it was safest in our case to do a c/s.

    The recovery, in my case, was AWFUL. I had severe clotting/ pp bleeding issues. At 2w pp, I found on u/s that my uterus was 50% pooling in blood! I had to do a number of contracting meds to pass the clots, which eventually subsided at 5 wks pp or so. This was by no means "normal" and I am sure you'll find others on here who did great w/ a c/s and loved it. I'm just being honest and telling you my exp.

    GL and hope you go with whatever is safest/best for you and your LOs!

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  • I had a vaginal delivery and it was an overall good experience. In short, I was induced at 38w1d.  Was in labor, including pushing, for 11 hours.  I felt great after.  Here is my birth story:



    Good luck with your decision!


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