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furbabies and babies

I know I have awhile, but I'm wondering how many of you already have both furbabies and babies in the house, how did your furbabies react?  I have a 4 year old border collie who is spoiled rotten and I'm a little worried that he's not going to be so welcoming when baby comes.  Any tips?

Re: furbabies and babies

  • I've had dogs and cats during when I had my first two and it was never a problem.  The cats loved the babies and cuddled with them.  Keeping them out of the crib was an issue.  Always had to keep the door closed.

    Now we have a dog and guinea pigs and I don't forsee any problems.  As long as you don't ignore him and keep him a part of the family he should be fine!

  • I have been researching this. I found these links.

    - Blog

    - Humane Society

  • Also, Google NILF training (Nothing in Life is Free) or something like that.  Another good resource is posting this question on the Pets board on The Nest.
  • Thanks ladies!!
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