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Probably the  most offensive post ever on The Bump...





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  • I only read a couple of the posts, and it disgusted me!  How can some people be so insensitive!
    -- Jackie
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  • I'm sick to my stomach right now. I only got down 4 or 5 posts and had to stop.
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  • She is truly disgusting! 

     How could you say that about your child? 

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  • I only read the first and last page, but I feel like the entire internet community needs to know what a (insert the most offensive nickname you can think of) the OP is. I'm in shock- if I ever found out that my doctor said something like that, I would stop seeing them immediatley.
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  • Ok I'm not taking sides here but when I was pregnant with Mikey there was a chance he has Trisomy-18 because of my bloodwork. I almost had to have an amnio done to prove them wrong, thankfully my level II u/s showed that he appeared to be ok. Had he had T-18 I would have aborted him because most babies that have T-18 don't even make it full term and if they do, they don't make it long after birth. Now as for downs, yeah I think its stupid for anyone to consider aborting their child because of that.
  • I only saw the first post, but what truly turned my stomach was the "disgust" remark. I can understand many emotions in that sad situation, but disgust is surely not one of them.
  • I probably have very unpopular opinions on what I would do in certain circumstances, but the way this girl says things and her view on life is disgusting and classless
  • I feel the same as Victoria. My husband and I have discussed at length what we would do if we had found out that we were faced with this type of scenario and I am sure our opinions would not be the majority view. However the way that person put their thoughts was horrifying!

    When I was a full-time substitute teacher a few years ago working for a high school here, I was assigned to a special needs room. It was supposed to be for a week. I had to ask for a reassignment after a day and a half. It was just awful. It was sad. It was uncomfortable. I definitely left the room and cried once or twice. It gave me a whole new respect for the parents that choose to keep their children after finding out that there are problems in utero and new respect for the teachers who dedicate their lives to help them.

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  • I openly admit that I would abort if there was a problem but the way that chick is going about it is just wrong.  She speaks of people with DS like they are subhuman and I think THAT is what got people riled up.

    Do whatever you want with your pregnancy but have some respect for others.  She's just downright ignorant.

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