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New and Scared...Hello

Hello Everyone!

Very new to all of this. I was feeling a lot of the pregnancy symptoms (nausea, super tender breasts, emotional, lower back ache, tired, and some slight cramping similar, but less than a normal period) so I decided to take a pregnancy test on Tuesday even though my pd isn't due until tomorrow or Friday. It came up positive right away. Now I'm so scared of the next 2 days and praying that it all goes well and nothing happens. I have only told my DH (of course!!) and one friend. I am so nervous and scared for the next few weeks and hoping this sticks because I want this so badly. I feel kind of lost not having anyone to talk to so I thought I'd check this out and hope I can calm my nerves a bit just by venting.

Re: New and Scared...Hello

  • There's not something magical that happens on the day your period is due. If you've had a positive pregnancy test then you're pregnant. To ease some of your worries try giving your doctor a call and scheduling a blood test to confirm pregnancy. If you've had a positive HPT they should do a test for your hormone levels to confirm the pregnancy hormone is present.

     Above all relax calm is better for the baby.

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  • I know exactly how you feel. You can't worry or stress over something you have no control over. =) you said u have been praying, and that is all u can do. Be happy! 

    I lost my baby at 20 wks, n after a year and a half of not trying I am pregnant! It is an emotional rollercoaster, but keep calm. Don't stress cause it is bad for the baby! Congratulations!!!  

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  • I'm such a dork... I forgot to say congrats earlier. So Congrats and welcome to the pregnant club! May you have a happy and healthy 9 months.
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  • This is my third pregnancy...I had a miscarriage at seven weeks with my first pregnancy, a very healthy and big baby boy with my second pregnancy, and I am now four weeks pregnant.  I am totally freaking out about every little thing.  I know that is not good for the baby so we just need to relax and enjoy our pregnancies.  Congratulations! 
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  • Congrats on the BFP.  It's totally normal to be nervous.  
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  • Congratulations!

    It's normal to be scared and a little concerned. I would go ahead and call a Dr.'s office (if you haven't already and schedule an appointment). 

    Not that it will make you feel better but maybe more 'normal', I'm still a little scared and I'm 8 weeks tomorrow! Seems just a little crazy that there is a small human growing in me. I've heard the heartbeat and had an ultrasound to confirm and it's right on target. :-) I think it's a totally NORMAL reaction to be nervous. 

    Everyone is right though, try not to stress. Easier said than done, but Good Luck! 

  • I know how you feel.  I got my BFP at 3wk 3d and kept feeling like AF was going to show, despite the positive tests.  It's normal to be nervous.  Just try to relax and enjoy it.  Congrats!
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  • Thanks everyone! I'm trying really hard to think positively and just go with the flow. Just easier to say that than actually do it. Smile
  • Welcome and congrats!  Being nervous is completely normal :-)  Happy & Healthy 9 months to you!
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