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Gender neutral Bedding Theme - polka dots/stripes.....Please come in


I'm having a hard time trying to find a bedding that I'm loving!  I find ones, but WOW, they are expensive..... Anyone here doing something similar?  If so, any suggested websites are very much appreciated! 


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Re: Gender neutral Bedding Theme - polka dots/stripes.....Please come in

  • Have you checked out Land of Nod, they have a few really cute polka/stripe sets
  • I like, and am using, ALL Creatures Great and Small from the Land of Nod.  It has polka dot sheets and a polka dot cover for the changing pad.


  • We're having a boy but I prefer gender neutral items anyway. We're going with this nursery theme/bedding... "Jumping for Joy" by Kenneth Brown.


  • We did green and white polka dots/stripes.  The rug and curtains are polka dots (from PBK), polka dot changing pad cover (BRU) and the bedding is polka dots and strips from JC Penny.  I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted but love the way it looks now!

    We ended up having a girl (we were Team Green) and I've since added some pink in (her name on the wall and the lampshade). 

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  • ours is polka dots, stripes and elephants.  Here's a link to the set:


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  • I'm using polka dots and bolder colors - you can see some pics in my blog, although it's not 100% done yet.

  • We got the womb with a view from Land of Nod - got it last week and the quality is great.

    Dwell studio has some polka dot/stripe options.  

    You can also google "modern baby bedding" to find more option!  GL!

  • I had trouble finding gender neutral bedding that I liked so I have decided to just buy pink & blue & then return the 'wrong' one after the baby is born (I'll just put a white set on the crib for now)

    I don't know if you get the brand in the US - but I am getting polka dot fitted sheets & matching striped flat sheets from a company called Kids Line

    GL! :)

  • I bought this gender neutral bedding that have stripes and polka dots.


    BUT: it is from the BRU in Canada. I can't seem to find it on the BRU USA.

     Good Luck!!

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