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Back to reality

We got home from FL last night-had quite the trip home....I swear it was like the Griswold's go to FL or something. There were issues boarding the plane, we had a witch of a stewardess, my neice and nephew both got really, really sick on the plane-and my DH was lucky enough to be holding my neice-so he was covered in puke from head to toe the rest of the flight-lovely sitting next to that!  On the plus side, Avery did awesome on the trip and on the plane-I was so worried and she did just fine so I was very happy with that!  Back to work tomorrow....ugh

Re: Back to reality

  • covered in puke.  Gross.

    Did she just sit on your lap?  You didn't have to pay for her, right? How did everything go while going through security, how was that handled?  and lastly, what did you end up doing for transportation from the airport to the place you were staying?

    Sorry for the questions, we have plans for a trip to Atl in July and we're trying to work out these details ourselves.

  • Yeah she sat in my lap. On the way down the flight had a lot of empty seats so they let me bring on her carseat and give her her own seat---for free! That normally costs a regular ticket price and it was great having the extra room. On the way home the flight was full so we couldn't do that. If they ride on your lap its free.

    Security leaving BLO was easy-but from FLL was harder. Blo really didn't check a lot but in FLL they inspected all of my milk one by one and every jar of baby food one by one. And they made DD take off her shoes (not in Blo though)-it wasn't hard, just time consuming and they were sort of pricky about things. 

    We rented a car for this trip. We're going to NO in June and probably will have to take a taxi-we ended up buying a cheap carseat to bring for that-thats also what we brought to FL with us and used all week.

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