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extended nursers??

I feel like my milk suppy is gone- DS has been wanting to nurse longer (usually just does a couple of minutes)- and my breasts feel tiny-

I have taken zyrtec the last few days- I have been really congested and it was giving me a horrid headache,ect so I am sure that contributed, but it seems like it has been going down anyway.

We just nurse at bedtime/at night (since 12 months) so I feel like maybe it is just gone now? I'm totally fine with stopping at this point, I can't tell if DS is ready or not.

WDYT? Is it done?

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Re: extended nursers??

  • i'm no expert, but i think it's kinda your call at this point... if he is wanting to nurse longer, he'll eventually stimulate more milk (at least he should).  you also might want to wait a couple days without the medication and see if that was it.  if you wanted to up your supply you could drink more water, funugreek, mother's milk tea, etc but if you want to use this opportunity to wean you could start to cut down nursing sessions and see how he responds...  g/l!

  • I agree with pp.  It sounds like the decreased supply may be due to the meds so if you don't want to wean, try not taking them and allowing LO to nurse as much as he wants and your supply will likely rebound a bit.
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  • Not an extended nurser obviously, but any 24 hour antihistamines kill my supply for about 3-4 days. Benedryl has some effect but not as bad. I've been sticking to Flonase as a result. 


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