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D'oh! Pedometer Challenge

We were supposed to start Monday! The challenge was to get 10,000 each day. How do you want to do it--maybe a weekly check-in where we post how we did the week prior? I forget how we did it last time.

I've been wearing mine every day for a week or so and I have been doing pretty well! So far this week:

Sunday: 13,968

Monday: 10,574

Tuesday: 9,030

So far today: 9,200

Hopefully I can keep this up! Anyone else been keeping track?

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Re: D'oh! Pedometer Challenge

  • I wore mine last week and didn't write any of my numbers down Embarrassed.  We're starting our walking challenge here at work on Monday though, so I'll have to remember to write it down! 

  • I just found mine yesterday (but of course forgot to put it on today).  I'm going to run now and put it on! 
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  • Monday: 13,212

    That is all I have so far :-p But I will be starting my work challenge tomorrow too, so I'll be writing down each day and am fine with a weekly check-in!

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