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My husband and I love Aleksander!  We wanted to find a Polish name (DH's from Poland and brought the long last name with him) English speakers are familiar with - unlike DH's poor older brother's name - Krzystof!  

Anyway, our only issue is that it's not a family name.  Our girl name - Julia Zaneta - is in honor of my late aunt and his late godmother.  (And that's the Polish spelling of Julia, so I lucked out)!  

The mn we would use for Aleksander - Marek - is my father's name in Polish (Mark) & DH's younger brother's name.  

Should we just not care?  I do like names to have a connection to relatives.  I feel like if you end up not liking your name so much, at least you know that you have it as a connection to your family's past!  Anyone feel similarly?  


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  • I don't worry about using family names at all, but I think using Marek for the mn covers your bases on both sides.  I like Aleksander.
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  • I think it's fine.
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  • Aleksander Marek is a great name.  I really like Zaneta too.  Is it pronounced with a long ee sound? (Zaneeta)  It's very cool.  Have never heard it before. 

  • I think it's only concern is that if you are not living in an area which is heavily populated with Polish families, people are just going to think you went the unique spelling route with his name.  To be honest, that is what I thought before I opened and read your post.  I love Marek though!!
  • My DH's godmother pronounced Zaneta - "Z-ann-etta."  (I hope that makes sense, I'm not the best at writing out the pronunciations!)  It's like the Polish form of the French Jeanette.  I like the Polish form MUCH better.  Really dislike Jeanette!  

    I believe, though, that her mother made up the name, as Zaneta was born in Siberia.  Her parents were Polish loyalists and big Francophiles!  Thus, I imagine that we can really pronounce it however we'd like to!

  • I think your name choices are fine, but that spelling looks totally made up to me (although I realize its a cultural thing).

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  • Omg, Marek is my FAVORITE boy name.  It's the one I don't tell people IRL, so I don't have to worry about anyone stealing it.  Both of our families are Polish/German (it was Germany when the ancestors left, but it's Poland now) and my dad is also Mark, so I like those connections too. 
  • I think it's fine!

    I love both your girl and boy name!

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  • It sounds like you are too concerned with pleasing everyone else.  Pick a name you like.  You can't put so much pressure on yourself.  Having a meaningful middle name is plenty enough.
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  • My cousins name is Alieksander and we call him Aliek. I like all of your names. Julia Zaneta is very pretty.
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