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We have a white bookshelf, that I decided to paint espresso to match the rest of the baby furniture in the room, well I finish painting it and it looks more like chocolate brown. I brought in a dresser knob to show the people at Home Depot in hopes that they could match it, but I don't think they matched it very well, since its chocolate brown and not espresso like our furniture. My DH said we should have spray painted it (can paint) Did I mess it up? Or can it be fixed? What should I have used, paint or spray paint? Ahh I'm so stressed I want to finish this room already! My little boy is going to be here sooner than later. Thanks for your help!

Re: Paint Question

  • well, you're not going to be able to match a wood stain exactly with a paint color as they are not the same thing.

     Several options:

    1. go get a darker color and repaint (spray or hand it doesn't matter, so no you didn't mess up.)

    2. If it is a 100% wood bookshelf rent a sander from home depo or thery also make a chemical that will easily strip off paint (that I actually prefer but you might want to ask your hubbie to do because of the chemicals) and then stain the bookself with an espresso colored stain.

    3. Paint the shelf a color that is in your bedding-- like aqua would look really pretty with espresso furniture--- it doesn't all have to match.

    Good luck!  Hope it turns out well.

  • Honestly you could use either or, but I find paint chips at home depot looks a lot different then when you get home and actually use the paint. I would suggest going their and getting a few paint chips to match what you are looking for and then getting the samples of them and trying it out. You can repaint it, so correcting it shouldn't be a problem
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