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Question about weight gain

I am finally reading Dr. Luke's book.  I am very overweight, at 5'8" my weight varies from 265-270 on average and I wear size 22/24 clothes.  I thought I was doing good because I haven't gained any weight so far this pregnacy because everywhere I read states that if you are extremely overweight for a single baby you shouldn't gain more than 11-15 lbs.  Well this book is claiming that regardless of my weight, with triplets I should be up 35 pounds by 20 weeks.  Well I am halfway there and I haven't put on any weight.  I AM eating!  Its not like Im counting calories or anything.  I thought the weight would come on it's own and now I don't know what to do.  Should I just expect weight to start coming on its own in the next few weeks or do I need to go on some super high calorie diet?  I want my babies to be big, but I am scared of eating too much since I am already so big.  Did anyone have these fears?   Any advice or thoughts welcome.

ETS: I jsut noticed a similar post below.  It looks like Im not the only one with questions about all this food!

Re: Question about weight gain

  • Have you spoken to your Peri/MFM about your concerns?  Maybe you can get a referral to a nutritionist as well.  I think the book is sort of "one size fits all" and obviously, we are all really different and will have different needs.  Good luck and try to not to worry too much (easier said than done with a triplet pregnancy, I know!).
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  • I was also overweight when I got pregnant. (5'10" and 210) and my MFM still wanted me to gain a bunch. (I'd gained 25 lbs at about 22 weeks, and he was thrilled with that.) But not as much as Dr Luke says. I think you need to talk to your doctor, and maybe shoot for somewhere in between gaining nothing and her recommendations.

    Just eat high-protein foods with good fats, and you should do fine. 

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  • I didn't gain anything in the first trimester, believe me the weight will come. I gained all my weight in the second and third trimester. Just try to eat when you are hungry and eating healthy too. I would talk to your dr and see what they have to say.
  • this is a really good question.  your overall health is important to the babies as well, and important to you too.  sorry can't answer, but hope you can talk to an expert. 

    fwiw, the hosp nutritionist that came to see me in hosp (bedrest) was completely useless.  had no pg expertese and hadn't heard of dr. barbara luke.  hello, she's on the highrisk antepartum floor!!  anyway i'm a pita, so i had to show her :) 

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  • Talk to your doctor, not a book.  Like the pp stated, the book is pretty general from what I understand, your doc will know your specific needs.  I never had a desire to even read the book, there was just something about it that rubbed me the wrong way from how everyone talks about it.
  • I had a hard time gaining weight in the beginning too.  Something that helped me (and something that Dr. Luke recommends in the book) is weight gain shakes from a health food store.  DH went to GNC and talked to someone there and told them my situation and asked for something without intense chemicals, just some healthy proteins and fat.  He came home with a great shake mix and I make daily smoothies with frozen fruit and whole milk.  They taste ok, and they are easier to get down than big meals and I know I'm getting much healthier proteins and calories than other foods I could be eating to put on weight. 

     If you want something similar with less calories and fat so you don't gain as much, I also like the Ensure shakes.  They are only about 350 calories each, and make a good snack, also with lots of healthy proteins.

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