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It's probably nothing, but...

I swear I have been feeling this little tickling feeling right below my belly button for the last hour or so.  Probably just gas, but feels way different then gas.  Could that be they baby moving around?  I'm only 10 wks, so I think that might be too early to feel any movement.  Who knows?

Re: It's probably nothing, but...

  • It's probably just gas, the baby is still WAY below your belly button at 10 weeks.
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  • yeah, that's what I thought too. just wanted to run it by everyone.  being a first time preggo, i have no clue what that is suppose to feel like, or when i should feel it.  thanks though : )
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  • Ditto on the gas.  I think your intestines are up near your belly button now, so that would make sense.

    I felt DS pretty early--at 16 weeks--and it felt like a goldfish swimming around in there.  I could only feel those first movements if I was laying on my back perfectly still.

  • Probably gas. I felt DS move around 16 weeks (really early)...it feels like bubbles are popping in your tummy, wasn't really flutters until around 20 weeks for me.
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    At 10 weeks, your ute is just peeking over your pubic bone. I felt my LO early at 14 weeks, but even then it was still a ways below my belly button.
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