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mattress pad that holds well after washing?

I was considering the ultimate crib sheet but read bad reviews for it getting shrunk in the wash.

I am thinking of getting a fitted mattress pad.  Does anyone have any brand recommendations? I tend to do all washes together and really dont have the time to do a gentle dry cycle for the mattress pad.

Any mattress pad that has held up well for you?


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Re: mattress pad that holds well after washing?

  • I've only washed mine once, but I have a waterproof fitted crib mattress pad from PBK and it seems to have held up quite well (unlike the mattress pad I use for my own bed, which has pilled and doesn't fit right on the bed after I washed it the first time).  It did shrink a little bit, but it makes for a super tight fit, which is better than it being loose. 

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  • Mattress pads tend to melt in the dryer (esp waterproof ones).  I just had DH wash and dry one and then ask me why I had to throw it out.  (the elastic part melted and fused.)  I would air dry any mattress pad.

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