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Volvo SUV and convertible carseat (2) help!

Hi - I am having a hard time doing research to see if the Britax Marathons will fit in the Volvo XC90 (the Volvo SUV). They would be rear facing - one behind each seat (twins).

Right now we have Graco Snugride 32's behind each seat and my husband cannot put the seat back far enough to be comfortable, so I need to make sure whatever convertibles we get I am not stuck driving everywhere!

If anyone has any experience with good convertible carseats for the this car please let me know. Thanks!

Re: Volvo SUV and convertible carseat (2) help!

  • my advice would be to take your xc90 to a store that carries the seat you want and put it in behind the drivers seat.... with your husband, so he can see what it's like.   

    we have a volvo xc70, and i am 5'9".  i was not so comfortable when we had our britax companion infant seats in, and now it is even a little worse with the convertible seats (sunshine kids - radian xl).  as long as they're rear facing, i guess this is it.  at least with the infant seats they were only in when the babies were riding.  the convertible seats are in all the time. 


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  • We got the Britax Diplomat convertible carseats, specifically because they are not as "deep" as the other convertible carseats, so that my husband could put his seat back enough.  (He also had a hard time with the Graco Snugrides, but the Diplomats work fine.)  We took the Diplomats to a Volvo dealership and tried them in an XC90 -- they fit OK, but the problem is that the new XC90s have a mandatory third row seat and it was impossible to access that third row seat with both carseats in place.  So you are giving up legroom in the 2nd row, for a 3rd row that you can't use.  (I assume you have an older model that doesn't have that problem.)  Anyway check out the Britax Diplomats.  GL!
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