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Names from local hospital-doosies

So a friend of ours had a baby a couple days ago, and these were other names I noticed that I thought were some pretty odd names.

Kallyn-friend's daughter, I'm not even sure how you say it Cal-in? Kay-lin?

Boys: Parke, Harper, Jade

Girls: Maysen, Madisyn, Jensen, Parker, Jenedith, Ensley, Sherlynn, my fav:Andreyla (parents Kayla & Andrew)

It appears to be opposite month-boys w/ girl names, girls w/ boy names.


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Re: Names from local hospital-doosies

  • OMG-- what a horror show.  As the mother of a BOY named Mason, I shudder everytime I see some poor girl named Maysen or Maycin. 
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  • image kcl22:

    Haha this one stuck out to me too! Ewwww!

    I know a family with the last name Ensley.

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  • wow, just wow! 

    I am not sure what is worse, Maysen or Parker for a girl.  I hate Harper.  And really what is Sherlynn and Andreyla?  Those poor kids.  I have a feeling by the time my children are in school, their names are going to be the ones considered odd!

  • Jenedith LOL!
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  • Andreyla...

    I wonder how long it took them to come up with that winning combination.  

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  • The worst name I seen on the hospital website was Digger...just mean
  • Yeah, wow...umm, Harper and Jade for BOYS?!  Odd.

    I'm a fan of some boy names for girls, but Mason/Maysen, Jensen, and Parker are just going way too far IMO.

  • i love that the name Sherlynn is there!  My name is Cheryllynn (pronounced like marilyn) and i never see anyone with my name or close to it! 
  • Jenedith and Maysen make me sad.
  • Digger was a character on Dallas...lmao!
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  • a boy named jade? jenedith!? Angry
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