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Thoughts and opinions on Catherine Grace (nn Cat)?

Re: Thoughts and opinions on Catherine Grace (nn Cat)?

  • I love that combination!!
  • I really like it.  Catherine is on our list, too.  Cat is a cute nickname!
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  • My mom and DH tried so hard to get me to name DD Katherine Grace but with my name being Katrina, I didn't want too. Plus it is so common where I live.

    Everyone calls me Kat too.. lol.

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  • Very pretty!

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  • I like it. Grace Catherine is on our list!
  • Simple and elegant, and ages well. Yes
  • LOVE the name, not a huge fan of the nickname Cat.
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  • One of my best girlfriends has this exact name...same spelling...and I've always LOVED it.

    We called her Catherine Grace sometimes, even in high school.  When shortened she went by Cathy, but I prefer Cat!!

    Great name.Smile

  • Very nice.  And I love the nickname, Cat - although I'm probably weird & prefer the name with K (Katherine or Kathryn).  Then it could be Kat & less like the animal.
  • It's a beautiful name. If it were my name, I would want to be called Catherine...too pretty to shorten. But I do like Cat better than Katie (less common)
  • Catherine Grace sounds nice, but I don't like the nn Cat at all. I love Cate though.
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  • I love the name, especially the nick-name "Kat."  (It's on our list, but with the Polish spelling).  I'm more into the K spelling, though!
  • I am very biased but I LOVE it :).

    My DD is Katherine Grace (nn Kate). 

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