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1 or 2 bassinets for newborn stage?

I have a Graco "bedroom bassinet"/PNP from when DD was born that is smaller than a regular PNP.  Now that we're having twins, do I scrap that one altogether and get one of those twin bassinet/PNPs?  Or maybe it's better to get a second, normal-sized PNP for the second baby to sleep so that I can actually use the playard function when they get older?

 Thoughts/suggestions, please!

Re: 1 or 2 bassinets for newborn stage?

  • I used two bassinets and then saw the fisher price rock and play sleeper and let me tell you I love these things...I used to put the girls in bassinets but they outgrew them so fast, where these are perfect for our growing girls and so easy to take anywhere with you and move throughout the house..anyway best of luck and I sent you the link too (dont know how to make it clicky ). Not sure if this is what you had in mind but hope it helps lol


  • we had 2 of the arms reach mini cosleepers. I did not want the twins to sleep in the same bassinet/crib - for SIDS reasons and b/c we use Angelcare monitors --- the cosleepers were awesome.
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  • I just recently received a SIDs brochure at our birth class which stated not to let twins sleep together for fear of SIDs.  We orginally planned to keep them together for the first 3 mths but with the advice of a few nurses and docs have now decided against it.


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