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Happy Birthday Ms. Ruby!

My little one is 1 year and 20ish minutes old :-) Yay Ruby!

Re: Happy Birthday Ms. Ruby!

  • Happy birthday Ruby!

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  • Happy Birthday Ruby!!!  Can't believe its been a year!!  :) 

    I always thought her b-day was 4/1, guess I was wrong on that, oops. 

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  • happy birthday ruby!
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  • Happy Birthday Ruby! 
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  • Aww, congrats and happy birthday to Ms. Ruby AND mommy. Hope you have a fun day/week planned to celebrate.
  • Happy birthday sweet girl!
  • Happy Birthday, Ruby!
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  • Aww, Happy Birthday, Ruby!

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  • Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday Ruby-Doo!
  • Happy Birthday Ruby! :)
  • happy birthday ruby!
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  • Happy First Birthday Ruby!
  • happy birthday ruby!
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  • Happy Birthday Ruby!!!
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  • Aww, happy birthday Ruby!!
  • Happy Birthday Ruby!

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