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Uh Oh! I will have to tell work sooner than family!!

So the plan was to tell both of our families on Mother's Day weekend (5/7 ish). Well, I have a trip to Las Vegas for work 4/21 - 23 and I just got the itinerary... we are supposed to be going on ATVs, Roller Coasters, and doing land sailing (a bike with sails on it). All of which I'm sure you aren't allowed to do while pregnant!!

This is just going to be a trip with me, my superior, and our client - so I will totally be expected to go on every one of these activities!! There's no way I will be able to make it through the trip undiscovered!

I feel horrible that work will know before family - this may bump up our timeline of telling our families...


Re: Uh Oh! I will have to tell work sooner than family!!

  • My work will know first too! I just went to my "annual" appointment that the doctor said I may as well keep. I figured I'd go back in a month - nope - two weeks. I kind of have to tell work now or they'll think something is wrong with me.
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