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Who wants to go swimming?

So who wants to go swimming in my basement? I cant even tell you guys how much water we have down in our basement.. we never have had issues with flooding before since we live higher up than all the houses on our street our neighbors always flood even with an inch of rain they get feet of water in their houses. Me and my sister watched the water pour into our basement I couldnt even tell you what we saw it was bad. We dont even live that close to a lake and I cant even imagine what the other houses near the lake look like. UGH I just lost everything I owned again! After I moved back home I was given the smaller room up front so I moved the stuff I still had to the basement to store because I didnt have room in my bedroom and now all that is gone.

 But all you can do is look up! I have my baby and my family and everything else you can replace over time. Its just sad that we lost all our childhood pictures and stuff that we were keeping for our children. :( Hope no one else is having weather related issues! 

Re: Who wants to go swimming?

  • wow, so sorry...I saw that on the news.  I hate that you lost your stuff but love your attitude!  Keep up the spirits chica!  I don't know if I could be that positive!
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  • Oh no!!  I know you can't get back the sentimental things, but any chance the homeowners insurance will cover your other belongings?
  • Aww I'm sorry! I wouldn't have near as good of an attitude as you do if this were to happen to me!
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  • I want to go swimming... but not in your basement!! Yikes that sucks!!!!! I know what it's like to loose stuff in floods, that happened to me last winter. But at least you're holding your chin high! It can only get better from here.

  • Ugh!  Where in MA are you??  I was born and raised there and all my family is still there.
  • Im watching the news too I wasnt really before and I cant even get over what im seeing! My area is not as bad as what is on tv. The flooding in my basement is like a big puddle compared to what everyone elses homes are like. I think we had 1 street closed and lots of flooding near some lakes but nothing really bad. My friend lives near the ocean in Rhode Island and she told me its really bad down where she is. :( I feel so bad for all those people esp so close to the holidays.

    Lady im over by Wrentham right near the RI boarder. What part of Ma are you from?

  • image MorgansMommy10:

    Lady im over by Wrentham right near the RI boarder. What part of Ma are you from?

    I have family allll over Eastern MA.  I was born in Boston, raised in Middleboro/Taunton area.  My bro is in New Bedford and dad is in Middleboro and sister is in Carver.  I have family in Brockton and Boston as well.

  • My mom lived in Boston for a little bit then moved to Framingham where she pretty much grew up my dad was born and raised mostly in Ashland. I have only been down in Southern MA mostly Norfolk county. My moms family is now in the the Linwood, Northbridge area. My dads family is down in Georgia and Florida and I think one brother is in Montana?

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