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EI's after tubes?

I remember the ENT telling us that even with tubes, Holly still might get EI's. And that we'd know it because pus would drain out of them (lovely!) Well sure enough, yesterday when I picked her up from DC, her ear was super crusty.

I just left it alone and wiped it out with a washcloth during her bath. I gave her some Tylenol as well. Anything else I should do?

She's been really cranky in the evenings, but I attribute that more to being exhausted from her new DC class (she hasn't been taking super long naps there, and they run them ragged on the playground, I think!), and cutting her first molar. But I guess the EI could be part of it too. Luckily it's not keeping her up all night like they used to.

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Re: EI's after tubes?

  • You need to call the ENT, did he give you drops after the tubes to put in her ears? If not he will probably prescribe drops for you. THe risk of EI after tubes is that the tubes can get clogged from the pus. THe drops help clear that up.
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  • Thanks kac--we got some drops after the surgery, but I'm not sure those are the right ones for an infection. I will call the ENT!

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  • I'm pretty sure those are the same drops but do call your ENT. We only had 1 EI after tubes. It was a much easier EI than previous and the drops helped clear it right up.
  • We got 2 kinds of drops after Eli got his tubes.  One we were to use right after the surgery, the other was in case he got an EI.  So they may not be the same drops you already have.  Definitely call.  The good thing is that she shouldn't be in any pain.


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