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  • No. I don't like it. Plus, it either reminds me of nouvelle or novella. Either way, I dont think it's nice as a name.
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  • I think it sounds like some sort of pharmaceutical.

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  • NMS - My first thought was the wedding band/ring company. I also agree with the pp that said it reminds them of some sort of pharmaceutical company or drug.
  • Isn't there a birth control that sounds like that?  I think Noelle is pretty:)
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  • I sure hope she likes reading!
  • It is the name of the computer program I use everyday at work.  This program has lots of issues so I hear people cursing Novelle all day long.  Needless to say, I can't get behind the name.
  • No
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  • Sorry, NMS. 
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  • Novella is my GMIL's name, but I'm not sure that Novelle is as pretty. 
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  • I knew a Novella who was a journalist, and her name really fit her. And a girl named Nova is my hairstylist. I prefer those to Novelle.
  • Big thumbs down.
  • Thanks ladies for your opinions... Novelle, is now crossed off the list! Smile
  • ctanactana member

    a big enthusiastic No to Novelle!


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