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Painting the crib?

Is it safe to paint the baby's crib? We were looking for a gray crib. We usually are DIY for these kind of projects, I am just worried about the safety issue with our baby sleeping, touching and probably eventually biting on the crib. I know to get lead-free paint and put a clear coat over it. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions as to the safest way to do this or any alternatives?

Re: Painting the crib?

  • I personally haven't done it before but I follow a blog where the blogger had a jenny lind style crib painted gold. She had professionals do it since she is an interior designer and had connections but it turned out awesome.


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  • we are in the process of painting ours.  most baby furniture is stained or painted anyway, as long as you do it properly, I can't see that its much different. 
  • alright. I think I will then, we repaint EVERYTHING. We really want a light gray crib. :)
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