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HELP!!! I am slightly considering cloth diapers. But, I would like more information.

If you have used cloth diapers... 

Which kind(s) did you use?

Where did you buy them?


How many?

Any additional information you can give me would be great!! Thanks in advance!!


Re: Cloth Diapers

  • I'm planning on CD my LO, and I've gotten a ton of helpful info from the Eco Family Friendly Board. One of the regular posters keeps a blog that has great info:

    Also, check out and abby's lane website - diapering 101. GL!

  • The Eco Friendly board has a ton of info if you just lurk around, and one of the regulars has an eco friendly family blog with lots of info in one place.

    But to answer your questions: 

    I have a variety of kinds including pre-folds, fitteds with covers, all in ones, and pockets.  Wasn't sure what we would like so I got a mix to start with and am adding to it. 

    Bought from other effer's, at spots corner/hyena cart, and from several different online stores including AbbysLane, Elegent Mommy, and Cottonbabies, and Green Mountain Diapers. Look for free shipping and discount codes. 

     Pros: MUCH more effective than disposables, cuter, smell better, can be cheaper in the long run

    Cons: 2-3 loads of laundry a week, up front cost

    How many: for a NB you need AT LEAST 24 - I'd say more than 30 personally.  For later 24 is enough, and some people have fewer than that. 

    All those stores I mentioned have tons of info on them about cloth diapering in general and FAQ's. 

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  • OMG...thank you both for pointing me in the right direction. I totally forgot about the Eco-Friendly board! Thanks so much :)
  • Ditto the recc to check out the EFF board- someone on there has a bio/blog that outlines everything-

    If you have used cloth diapers... 

    Which kind(s) did you use? we use a mix of diapers for DD- pre-folds, fitteds (goodmamas) and some pockets (happy heiny's)  - it seems confusing but we have different diapers for different "situations" - nighttime, grandparents, travel, etc.  Different brands of fitteds/pockets work for different shape babies.

    Where did you buy them? online mostly- some 2nd hand from a friend, CL,

    Pros/Cons? it requires a change in thinking, but once you start doing it I think it's just as easy/simple as disposables.  I love not having to buy diapers!  You can save so much money and your trash output is SO much less!

    How many? We have a LOT of diapers, but that's my personal choice - we could probably get by w/ 30 and only have to wash every 2-3 days @ this point, but I like having a lot of diapers and I got our prefolds (which we have a ton of) cheap!

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  • Which kind(s) did you use? for newborn, we bought 22 kissaluv size zero, and 6 thirsties covers. Now, we have 20 fuzzibunz one size, and 2 bum genius. We wash daily, and we use a disposable at night. for washing, we just soak in a wetbag during day and throw it in the washer each nite,

    Where did you buy them? jillian's drawer's, and a local store here in Minneapolis.

    Pros/Cons?Pro - simple, better, no diaper rash, easy clean up, less waste  cons - - traveling is cumbersome!

  • we used prefolds as soon as her belly button fell off.  I also got a couple of bumgenious 2.0 diapers.  I did laundry every other day.  It was very easy.

     We used disposables at night and when we had to leave her with a sitter.

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