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Surprised & Happy

Today I went to my first WIC appointment (Women, Infants, and Children) and it was wonderful! They were VERY, very supportive of me wanting to breastfeed/pump and not use any formula. They are even going to give me a pump to use for when I go back to work! I am just so excited, things haven't really been going my way for a while now and it was just really nice to have a few ladies treat me with respect and genuinely try to help me in my time of need.

Re: Surprised & Happy

  • I felt the same way with the women I delt with at WIC. I was so nervous to go because I was afraid of them looking down on me. But they were so nice and helpful they gave me tons of numbers and information that I needed. Im so glad I went.
  • I LOVEEEE my WIC ladies. They're so nice and supportive and they know I genuinely need the help! Good for you!! :)

  • That's great!  They were very nice to me and supportive of breastfeeding.  Beware that when you use the coupons in the stores sometimes clerks are rude. I have had this experience.  As if it isn't embarassing and humbling enough to use them, they are annoyed with you because it takes extra time.

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  • Hey there group, it is wonderful to see so many positive things going on here. People act like it a crime to do this on your own. I am 8wks and it looks like I will be on my own, help from family and friends but that is it. I am scared to death but I know I can do it.
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