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Do you recommend them??? Are they really nice to have or not that necessary??  I just can't believe they are $35-40!  That seems a tad big expensive to me!!

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  • Its nice to have, check craigslist tho, they are always on there and can be cleaned very easily!
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  • We did not have one for DD and it was fine.  We had a swing and a bouncy seat and a moses basket.  I think that the bumbo has a shorter "life span" than those because you can't stick a newborn in a bumbo. 

    That said they are great for some babies- I watch a 6 month old who isn't mobile yet and borrowed one from a friend and it's great to put him in so he can "watch" his brother and my DD play. 

    Do you have any friends w/ toddlers or even 9/10 month olds who might be able to loan you one? 

    It's definitely one of those items I would borrow over buy. 

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  • I'd read up on them first. I've heard of some pediatricians not liking them, something to do with unnatural sitting position being bad for some physical development later one. Sorry, I realize thats incredibly uninformative, but I read it a while back and baby brain has taken me over since then!
  • http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3247729&fromRegistryNumber=44940480&product_skn=153557

    I got this one. I know people really like the bumbo so that's why I got it.  I just liked this one better.  You can remove the toys so it sits like the Bumbo.


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    Its nice to have, check craigslist tho, they are always on there and can be cleaned very easily!


    Ditto...I couldn't justify the price.  I bought one used for $15 and it was just fine. 

  • I was going to register for one but my friend is selling me hers for $10 and it is in brand new condition! They are GREAT!  Register for it and someone can buy it for you :)
  • Waste of $$$$$    I have yet to hear of anyone who's child truly liked it.  We used it a handful of times, it was pretty dumb.
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  • I would get this one instead http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3247729&fromRegistryNumber=44940480&product_skn=153557


    I hated to bumbo because me daughter got out of it the second time we used it.

  • We got ours off Craigslist for $10 - definitely recommend that method.
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  • I used one of my friends for the 2 months they're actually useful before they sit up on their own.  I did really like it.  It was a nice way for DS to sit up while DH played guitar for him, etc.  But $40 for 2 months isn't worth it IMO.  I ditto the CL suggestion.  That's what I'll be doing with #2.
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    Its nice to have, check craigslist tho, they are always on there and can be cleaned very easily!

     This. I got mine off craigslist for $15.

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  • We bought the Summer Super Infant Seat instead.  We got a lot of use out of it.
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  • My son had severe reflux and the Bumbo seat just intensified it. Ours is practically brand new and sits boxed up in his closet.  However, I have friend's that use their seat for many things and love it.  If you are unsure, I recommend trying to get one through a resale shop or borrowing one to see if you really like it/need it. 
  • I think they are a great invention, but totally not worth $40 brand new. I borrowed my SIL's and DD used it maybe a handful of times before she learned how to "pop" out of it.

    I always see a ton on Craigs List.

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  • I think it's FANTASTIC!!  I bought one for a friend's baby and it was so convenient!   He would even put the bumbo seat on the counter and feed the kid while he was making dinner.  It's easily packable and it was so much easier than lugging a high chair everywhere (like to gma's house).  It's nick named "the babysitter" cuz the baby really can't climb or fall out of it (by the time they are big enough to do this, they can't fit in it anyways).
  • It was ok.  We used it for 2 months maybe.  It's very durable and still looks brand new 3 years later.  My DD actually likes to sit in it now at 3 years old.  lol

     Definitely see if you can borrow one or get one used.

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