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My car keys are STILL gone!!

I feel like I'm losing my mind!

I have looked everywhere I can imagine and still can not find them!

I don't get a full paycheck until april 23rd and I'm sooo tired of being broke!

I obviously have no transportation, so I'm stuck at the house!

Between working, taking care of dd, and stressing I'm seriously ready to just pull my hair out!!!

Re: My car keys are STILL gone!!

  • Have you checked the trash cans? DS1 put mine in our kitchen trash can when he was about a year old. I went a week using my back up keys and breaking into my house to get in until I heard them hit the floor when I took the bag out.
  • You have got to be kidding!  I am so sorry.  It's almost like someone is playing a cruel joke on you.  Wait, your stbxh hasn't been there has he?
  • He hasn't been around lately.

    I honestly have no idea. At this point I'm thinking they had to have fallen out of my purse somewhere other then the house. I just do not know.

    I have looked in all of our dressers, under all of our furniture, in the toybox, in cabinets, in the bookshelves, pockets, diaperbags, purses (used and unused) I mean, literally everywhere that I can think to look.

    I really dont think I'm going to find them. :(

  • Can you call a locksmith and just get an idea of what it will run you?  Also, if you know any handy people who could do it if you go buy the ignition?  That really sucks!
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  • Ya know, it's funny that you posted this because the night before you did, I was thinking "I wonder if she ever found her keys?"

     Bummer they are still lost :(

  • This happened to me once.  If you have your title, I believe you can go to a dealership and they will make you new keys.  I don't remember the cost, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Maybe $20-ish?  (granted, that probably 10 years ago)  Maybe it's worth a call to see if they still do this.
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