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bed time dilemma (longish)

Hi ladies, I'm kinda new (well back from a long hiatus) and now have a 7 week old son. 

Before he was born, I never thought much about what kind of parenting style I would have, I was however, convinced he would sleep in his crib from day one, none of this co-sleeping thing. Well turns out I'm quite attached and 7 weeks later, I am still curled up on the futon with him while my husband sleeps in the master bed. This works great for the time being, makes feedings much easier, dh sleeps a solid night and then when he's not working can take ds in the morning.

The problem is that I would like to eventually move back into my own bed.  I keep putting deadlines on when this new sleeping arrangement will happen but they keep flying by. Any suggestions or tips on this? I should mention, we're not keen on a family bed, dh is afraid that he will roll over onto him.

Re: bed time dilemma (longish)

  • Is the futon flat rather than folded up like a couch? That would be my first concern.

    I would also shove DH to the futon and I would take the bed :)

    You can sidecar the crib by removing one side. This will help make feedings easy while you are all in safe sleeping arrangments. My sister often climbs in the crib area with her daughter and then moves away once shes asleep.


  • It's flat and not that comfy for long term sleeping so, yes, dh has been kicked out a few times ;) He's also joined us on the other couch but is not comfortable sleeping with him in the same bed.

    We originally had a playard set up beside the bed but we (more like I) would jump up every time he made a peep. Also, at that time, neither of us were getting any sleep. Maybe I could try that again, now that we're a little more in tune to one another...I think this is all harder on me than it is on him...

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  • We had a bassinet that we used that was similar to this. It gave me the closeness I needed while easing DH's fears of rolling over on DS. We used that for a while.
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